We guarantee you and your patients the highest level of safety and quality control – from production to delivery.

Medical cannabis offers versatile uses with a wide spectrum of effects.

Medical cannabis offers versatile uses with a wide spectrum of effects.

Cannabis is already used today for the treatment of many indications.

The legal regulations for the use of medical cannabis are strict and precisely defined.

Treatment areas include pain, migraine and sleep disorders, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s,
MS or epilepsy, but also anxiety, stress, depression and eating disorders. Medical cannabis is additionally used adjunctively in many therapeutic areas from HIV and cancer to diabetes and asthma.

Clinical studies are currently being carried out worldwide to prove its efficacy in more detail and to expand the possible areas of application.

Our services

48 hours delivery

From order to delivery we need maximum 48 hours. Most of the time it is faster.

Advanced training

We offer professionals in medical practices and pharmacies comprehensive training on legal and medical topics.


Our practice-oriented tool for pharmacies makes billing with health insurance companies particularly easy for you.

Our protected area for pharmacists

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"I am convinced that cannabinoids represent a medical treasure waiting to be discovered."

– Prof. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, scientist and cannabis pioneer

Our partner network ensures pharmaceutical quality.

The demand for medical cannabis is significantly higher than the supply – making professional quality
assurance all the more important. We work with experienced pharmaceutical professionals across
the entire supply chain and in all areas to guarantee you the highest level of safety and quality at all
times – and to ensure the medical care of your patients at a consistently high level.


Here you can find our order form and our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery as well as links to the certificates of analysis of our cannabis products

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